Joint Supervision Minute

Considering that this agreement is carried out within the Arrangement signed by the network members of the doctoral programme Heritage of Portuguese Influence regarding the corresponding teaching, management and tiling in a joint supervision regime (reason why any unmentioned aspects herein will follow according to what has been established therein by the different signing universities), this agreement of doctoral joint supervision is celebrated:



Fiscal number 501617582, based at Paço das Escolas, in Coimbra, represented in this act by …





Clause 1


    1. Within the scope of the above mentioned arrangement, this agreement establishes the framework of joint supervision of the doctoral programme of (name of Doctoral Student) at University of Coimbra, in Heritage of Portuguese Influence, in the specialisation field of …(Architecture and Urbanism or Cultural Studies) [, at … (another member of the network, doctoral programme and field, in case a 3rd institution integrates the joint supervision)] and in … (another network member, doctoral programme and field of specialisation).
    2. Theme of the Doctoral Thesis: …
    3. The appendix contains a description of the Thesis Project which will support the Doctoral Thesis, as well as the complete information about the student’s identification, clear and summarised description of his academic situation (enrolment, institution, etc.) and, according to number 1 of Clause 4, the worktime foreseen for each institution.

Clause 2


      1. No part of this agreement is to be interpreted in a manner that overrides the national law or the guidelines, framings or institutional regulations regarding the doctoral courses and correspondent awarding of the Doctor’s degree in any of the countries of origin of the partner institutions.
      2. The parties signing this agreement undertake to act according to the regulations and habits of the respective institutions regarding the awarding of the Doctor’s degree and the friendly resolution and by mutual consent of any difficulties that might arise in the interpretation of the mentioned regulations, and of the agreements especially produced for that purpose.

Clause 3


    1. The Doctoral Student has been admitted to the doctoral programme and has enrolled in University of Coimbra in the academic year … in …(Date of enrolment).
    2. The enrolment in the other university(ies) which have signed this agreement will be completed after this agreement has been signed, and will be renovated every year in all the signing universities.
    3. The foreseen duration of the doctoral programme is of four years and it may be extended to up to a limit of five years, if so is agreed between the institutions signing this agreement, and if there is a joint proposal from the supervisors. (This norm is not applicable to agreements with Università di Bologna where the maximum number of years for the conclusion of the doctorate is 4 years).
    4. The request for admission to the public examination of defence of the thesis must be filed within the period mentioned in the previous number, according to the dispositions in force at the institution where it is filed.

Clause 4


  1. In accordance with the before mentioned arrangement, the work plan for the subsequent academic years defines the manner in which the worktime of the Doctoral Student will be divided between the two (three, in case a third institution from the network integrates the joint supervision) institutions, considering the needs of research and the circumstances of the Doctoral Student, and bearing in mind that from the 2nd year on, the Doctoral Student has to spend a minimum of 2 semesters in each of the institutions which integrate the agreement of joint supervision.
  2. During the time of validity of this agreement the Doctoral Student must be under the responsibility of one of the signing institutions.
  3. Any alterations to the Thesis Project need a consensus between the Doctoral Student and the correspondent supervisors, and they must be registered as an addenda to this agreement, being signed by the supervisors and by the Doctoral Student.

Clause 5


  1. According to number 2 of Clause 4, the Doctoral Student will pay the due fees at the institution under whose responsibility he/ she is, accordingly with the time of duration of these conditions.
  2. The Doctoral Student is also responsible for the payment of travelling and accommodation expenses within the doctoral programme, as well as all procedures regarding the payment of insurance or obtaining of a visa, when applicable.

Clause 6


  1. In the institutions where there is insurance for students, the Doctoral Student will be covered by the school insurance of the institution in which the attendance of the cycle of studies is taking place.
  2. In case the Doctoral Student is a beneficiary of a social security system from one of the member States of the European Union, European Economic Space or Switzerland, he/ she should carry the European Health Insurance Card for the period of his stay in the country of the institution of one of those States.
  3. If the Doctoral Student is not covered by the situation described in the previous number, measures must be taken to acquire health insurance and personal injury insurance which cover the risks in the location where he/ she finds him(her)self.

Clause 7


  1. The execution of the Thesis Project which constitutes the Appendix is executed under the joint supervision of: …(name and post) of Universidade de Coimbra [, of …(name and post) of …(institution), in case a 3rd institution integrates the joint supervision] and …(name and post) of …(institution).
  2. Those supervisors undertake to assume to full extent the role of coordination of studies of the Doctoral Student, as well as to support each other in the exercise of that role.
  3. In case one of the supervisors abandons his institution, the normal procedures of that institution will be followed, in order to find a substitute supervisor, with the involvement of the supervisor(s) of the other institution(s).
  4. Clause 8


    1. The remaining in force of this agreement is dependent on the Doctoral Student’s satisfactory progress, documented through an annual report to be delivered to the Directing Commission of the doctoral programme. In the cases where the Doctoral Student does not enrol in one of the signing universities or waves in writing to continue under joint supervision, or when, as a consequence of the opinion of at least one of the supervisors, he/ she is not authorized to proceed with the preparation of the dissertation under joint supervision, the signing universities will terminate the terms and effects of this agreement, jointly and without further delay.
    2. According to the curricular plan of the programme of the doctoral programme in Heritage of Portuguese Influence, the report corresponding to the end of the 2nd academic year assumes the special form of a Validation Report of the Thesis Project and will be evaluated by a jury after an oral examination. That report will have to include at least the revision of the state of the art, the objectives, the methodology and the chronogram, with a summarised description of the tasks and phases to be met, and at least one complete chapter of the thesis.

    Clause 9


    1. If the jury dispatches a decision in which there is a recommendation for the thesis to be reformulated, the Doctoral Student has … days to present the reformulation or to state his intention to maintain the thesis as he/ she presented it.
    2. The doctoral thesis is object of one single public defence to be held at … (institution).

    Clause 10


    1. The thesis must be written in … (language) and include abstract(s) in … (languages).
    2. 2. The public act of defence of the thesis will take place in … (language).

    Clause 11


    1. The institutions agree that the formula for the determination of the final classification is the one which is force at … (institution where the act will take place).
    2. The composition of the jury who will evaluate the Doctoral Student’s thesis in the correspondent public act will follow the legal procedures in force at … (institution where the act will take place).
    3. Without prejudice to the previous number, the jury will always integrate a professor from each of the institutions signing this agreement.

    Clause 12


    1. After the approval of the public act of defence of the thesis, University of Coimbra awards the candidate the degree of Doctor in Heritage of Portuguese Influence in the field of specialisation … [, the … (partner institution) the degree of Doctor in … (in case a 3rd institution integrates the joint supervision)] and the … (partner institution) the degree of Doctor in …
    2. The text appearing in the diplomas should specify that it is a doctorate’s diploma completed in a joint supervision regime and the name of the other institution(s) should be included.

Clause 13


The right of intellectual property related to the results obtained during a joint doctoral programme will be protected according to the regulations existing in each institution.

Each university will commit to maintain confidentiality and not divulge information, data, knowledge, documents coming from the other university(ies) within the activities resulting from this agreement, unless otherwise is agreed between the parties or to fulfil legal obligations.

Clause 14


In all publication, scientific communications and other means of release of knowledge production, the Doctoral Student must present double affiliation (triple, in case a 3rd institution from the network integrates the joint supervision), according to the regulations in force in each of the institutions involved in this agreement.

Clause 15


  1. This agreement enters into force after being signed by the legal representatives of the partner institutions, by the correspondent co-supervisors and by the Doctoral Student and will remain in force until the date foreseen in Clause 3.
  2. Any alteration or adaptation to this agreement must be done in writing, subject to previous agreement between both institutions, then constituting an addition to this agreement, thus being an integral part hereof.
  3. Without impairment to the work being developed, this agreement may be terminated:

a) By consent of the parties involved;

b) By the Doctoral Student, producing a written summary explaining the grounds for his decision;

c) By any of the institutions, in case an adequate substitute co-supervisor has not been found;

d) By any of the institutions, in case the Doctoral Student seriously and continuously violates its norms;

e) By any of the institutions, if the Doctoral Student does not have a satisfactory academic progress and the habitual procedures of the institution to tackle that contingency have failed.

4. Before the final termination of the agreement, and respecting the principle of good faith, all involved parties must be consulted.

This agreement is signed in… (number) original copies in… (language), all of which having force of law. (Date and signatures of the rectors or their legal representatives, supervisors and Doctoral Student).