Application phases:

  • 1st Phase: June 1st to July 15th 2014
  • 2nd Phase: August 15th to September 30th 2014
  • 3rd Phase: December 1st to 20th 2014

Annual Fee: 2.500 €

Who can apply?

The following persons may apply to the cycle of studies leading to the Doctor’s degree:

  1. Holders of a master’s degree or legal equivalent;
  2. The assistants who have been approved in educational aptitude and scientific capacity tests;
  3. The holders of a Degree who have an especially relevant school or scientific curriculum, acknowledged by IIIUC‘s Scientific Council as proving the capacity for the completion of this cycle of studies;
  4. The holders of a school, scientific or professional curriculum acknowledged by IIIUC‘s Scientific Council as proving the capacity for the completion of this cycle of studies.

Number of Vacancies: 15

Submission of applications:

  1. The applications are submitted online, on the webpage of the platform InforEstudante. Paper-based applications will not be considered.
  2. Obligatory documents:
  3. – Copy of Identification Document (Civil Identification Card or Passport);
    – Motivation letter;
    Curriculum vitae, in Euro Pass format (;
    – Certificate of the higher education course held by the candidate, including the reference to the subjects and indication of the classifications obtained in the course and in the subjects, or certificate of qualifications, in the case of persons applying under paragraph c) (mandatory, except in the case of UC students or former students);
    – Workload and syllabus of the course which is held;
    – Letters of recommendation.

Only the accepted candidates will have to produce officially certified original documents in paper, up until the day which is informed on the date of communication of the acceptance.

Evaluation criteria:

The selection and ranking of the candidates will focus especially on the following elements:

  1. Curricular evaluation;
  2. Adequacy of the 1st and 2nd cycle education to the requirements of the 3rd cycle at hand;
  3. Motivation letter;
  4. Interview (where necessary).


You can download the leaflet here.